City amusement park «Gorodok»


Video advertisement

Amount of work
1. Screenplay and direction; 
2. Filming and editing;
3. Sound editing and graphics;

Project results

With the series of posters we also filmed video ads, one 60-secs and another 30-secs

Video was filmed before HD cameras were available, so it’s in VHS quality.

A creative dialogue between our actor (Aleksandr Kolosov in his 19 years) and an airplane pilot. We ask him to move the plane a bit and permission to film inside the plane.

Filming in Donetsk airport, old terminal. On this picture: park’s owner, сamerman and an actor.Is there a thing we haven’t tried to do in skates yet? We seriously doubt that you would come up with an idea what Kolosov didn’t do yet.

This project costs 1700$
— I want this ...