Construction company «AK Engineering»


Company catalog in three languages

Amount of work
1. Photo shooting — 2 000+ photos; 
2. Color correction and retouching — 300 photos;
3. Text writing;
4. Design and makeup;
5. Editing and translation into English and Arabian;
6. Prepress and printing effects selection

Project results 

This is the second largest project (in terms of amounts of footage)This catalog contains the best works of AK Engineering over the construction years.As it turned out, the best works are absolutely all constrction works, without exception, since the establishment of the company.Company specializes in challenging projects.  That was the case with the main Ukrainian stadium — the NSC Olimpiyskiy — with very tight deadlines, whole construction team worked side by side to successfully finish the project on time. 

This project set a few construction records, with one of the biggest stadium scoreboards installed, the whole reconstruction finished on time, and we — AA Antresalt — were in the middle of the whole process, filming the stadium reconstruction process brick by brick. We liked the comparison of our work to military correspondents, filming with drills whistling, hammer-stones rumbling, with mud up to the knees.Even in the culmination moment — the final of the EURO-2012 football championship — we were shooting till the final goal. 

The Ak Engineering catalog is focused on large pictures as that is the only way to examine the architecture and the surroundings of the object.What customers of such services are interested in? Numbers, numbers and… numbers. That’s why the main page of the object has all the numerical facts about it. The only intimate nuance we were not allowed to publish was the price…The cover’s aim was to glance at it just once, and to understand exactly what the company does.

The project cost 1 860$
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