ТМ New Expander 



Brand creation works


Amount of work
1. Product name and slogan;
2. Company style and design of logos family;
3. Subject and staged photography;
4. Instruction, business card and packing design;

Project results

A full range of trademarks for different needs. Variety consists of label and font, of label and font with site address (a sales method), of font only.

A color solution — no specific design. New Expander is a colorful personal training tool, that is the reason for colorful design. 

This product pattern resembles the view and elasticity of the New Expander, and fulfils its main purpose — the demonstration of a product as it is.

Pattern was used to design the flyers, manuals, packaging, etc.

Photographer of AA Antresalt made the photo sessions with exercises for the manual, and took pictures of the New Expander near a coin to show proportions.

This project costs 600$
— I want this ...