«Sky» Restaurant


Corporate style and menu

Amount of work
1. Company style — a large family of logos and a slogan;
2. Photoshoot of interior and dishes — more than 400 photos;
3. Menu and vine card design and makeup in two languages;

4. Indoor navigation;
5. Tableware branding;
6. Printed ads;

Project results

A large family of logos, made in two languages, different in size and color. 

Company pattern, in three colors, for different uses. The pattern naturally blends with the restaurant interior and perfectly complements all paper ad materials. 

The restaurant is located at the highest city point, in the highest building. For AA «Antresalt» these factors were inspirational for the ideas of panoramic view, interior photo sessions, menu design and slogan. 

A variety of menus were designed, with alcohol drinks, desserts and other sections, in two languages. 

This project costs 1400$
— I want this ...