«Gorodok» city amusement park


Outdoors and printed ads

Amount of work
1. Photo shooting — more than 9000 photos;
2. Retouch and color correction — 21 photos;
3. Screenplay and slogans writing;
4. Design and makeup;

Project results

This is not a single project — it’s a series of ads. We worked with the «Gorodok» amusement park for three years, and different ads were dedicated to special events.

Our actor is Aleksandr Kolosov — our director and creative manager. Most of the ideas for these ads were his, so it was logical for him to become an actor in 19 y.o.

 We filmed and experienced different kinds of situations.

This ad story represents real life situation.Success of these ad series was overwhelming, and our actor became famous.

We have lots of stories and posters, but we decided to show you only the most interesting of our ideas.

At first it took 3 weeks of time from ideas generation to getting printed results. Last series of ads were made much faster — we managed to write screenplay, film, and print the materials in 2-3 days time.We had a few vulgar ideas, 18+ only. We won’t show them here, but we are quite sure that you can do anything in skates…As park grew, ideas became more complicated. We included ice rink and a restaurant in one poster — they are both located in one place.Main idea of these posters is that they sell and describe emotions, and not all of them show happiness, — but that’s the point of the amusement park: to feel different emotions. One of the ideas was to show photos of carousels and attractions, but who needs this metal? Emotions that we feel during the interaction with these metal attrctions is what matters!

This project costs 1250$
— I want this ...