Construction company «AK Engineering»


Two books about the construction of the greatest stadium in Europe

Amount of work
1. Photography — more than 16 000 photos; 
2. Retouch, montage and color correction — 500 photos;
3. Text writing and editing, in two languages;
4. Design and makeup;
5. Prepress;
6. Books printing;

Project results

This project has the highest number of footage — 16 000 photosThis project broke a few records, actually. 
This book was created to capture the stadium reconstruction entire process, in a comparetive manner it was before — it is now. 

The printed version had limited edition and excellent design quality — it was given as a gift to country leaders, top officials, including the UEFA president Mr. Platini.  

The book is structured on the football terms. On the first pages you see a finished stadium, but the very next page shows the beginning of reconstruction. Next chapters show you more building processes as the stadium gains its intended forms, and the epilogue of the book is the final game of EURO-2012 tournament. 

First persons of the great building.

The final of EURO-2012 football tournament

City view during the game

Photo of the building process, made from the crane boom

Special electrical reserve equipment for the force majeur situations

First steps to create the highest quality field

In the upper right corner we placed a special metall volumetric badge. The color scheme of this book was made in full accordance with the stadium’s color.

Viktor Yanukovich, president of Ukraine, with a supervisory visit. He scored the first goal and praised all the workers involved in the reconstruction process.

Of course AA «Antresalt» also listed itself among the building companies — we have «built» a beautiful gift book about the stadium

It is a big and expensive project. It costs 6500$
— I want this ...