Media agency «MediaUp»



Amount of work
1. Photo shooting — more than 3000 photos; 
2. Retouch and color correction — 50 photos;
3. Text writing;
4. Design and makeup;
5. Editing and English translation;
6. Preprint;

Project results 

This screen made quite a stir as it’s the only one of such kind in the city.


The task was to design a screen presentation catalog in a short time — one week.


Our photographer urgently went «into the fields» — rooftops in this matter. Photo shooting took place during the day and night.

Copywriter wrote and edited texts, and the job was finished in time.

Photo shooting took place on the different Donetsk rooftops.

This is macro shooting of the diodes that make an HD picture. It is hard to imagine, but their operating principle is similar to the screen pixels.

This project costs 1250$
— I want this ...