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Advertising agency "Antresalt" acquired experience and wisdom in dealing with clients through an integrated cooperation and years of constant communication with our customers.

Our relationship with companies usually starts since the very foundation - we design all the major marketing attributes of the company: naming, slogans, logo design, corporate identity and brand book, catalogs and flyers, products packaging, website design, presentations, photo shoots. Plus we print and manufacture our ideas, thus providing the full complex of different works.

We are not interested in working on one-time orders. Our work is directed on building a continuous and fruitful cooperation. We are proud that we have regular customers who appreciated our work. Especially when we provide a full cycle of works - an attractive corporate identity with the brand-book, the events and objects photographing, various catalogs and websites, attractive  video advertising, books, souvenir products, etc. All these works are made with the soul and creative mood. Sometimes the works are expensive, but if the client is in need of solutions for simple tasks, we offer reasonable prices. And we have never denied the client in his desire to take part in our creative process.

Our sequence of works is simple and clear.

Discussion of the problem → preliminary work and solution’s sample  → Collecting of the materials and the prepayment → Concepts → Approval and finishing the final concept  → Work completion and final payment → Aftertaste of the good feelings from the process.

You and us are two wheels of the bike

Manager in Canada
Sam Kolosov

Manager in the USA

Head Manager
Ira Semibratova

Ivan Batrutof


Manager in Russia
Alexander Kolosov
+7 (961) 526—81—77




I myself, like any other person living in a modern imperfect world, truly appreciate when a company I am dealing with takes all the troubles, giving me only the final product. And I have to say that, sadly, that rarely happens.

Since school, all my life is dedicated to the advertising area. I have passed all the stages from the very bottom (those were interesting times - I'll have something to tell my children) to become a head of the advertising agency.

I am not afraid of taking responsibility. I value my reputation and appreciate your time. When we work together, all your troubles fall on my shoulders.

Remember: I am always available, just at arm's length from you.


Head of ""

Alexander Kolosov 
Draw. Think. Love


+7 (961) 526—81—77

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